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  • Deepak Gupta CFA
    CFA Charterholder Chief Operating Officer Saxo India Private Limited

    I gave my first CFA level exam in Dec 2012 and gave the Level 3 in June 2014. I have cleared Level 3 and have also received the CFA Charter recently. CFA program gave me immense knowledge about the financial industry. It gave me the in-depth understanding on various asset classes. Though I had never taken up this course for any professional gain, I gained practical knowledge which I could apply in my work.

  • Sarrthak Sayal, CFA
    CFA Charterholder Associate Analyst - Equity Research team at CRISIL

    I took the CFA exam in June 2013 while I was in my final year of graduation. I have earned the (H) degree from Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, University of Delhi. It was an ambitious decision to take the CFA level 1 exam which I knew would clash with my final exams of graduation. However, with continuous support of the faculty at Finguru, I happened to clear it. I cleared the CFA level 2 in the recently held CFA exams in June 2014 and CFA Level 3 in June 2015. 

    It was because of my preparations for CFA level 1 exam that I happened to clear some of really grilling entry level interviews in the area of finance. That also has a lot to do with the guidance received from Finguru and Mr. Sushant Suri.

    The good thing with CFA program is the relevance of the curriculum with the practical and real professional world. I would be absolutely right in saying that studying for CFA helps me at work almost daily while doing some of very complex assignments.

  • Ankur Singhla, CFA
    CFA Charterholder Manager- Credit and Risk Management, IFCI Factors Ltd

    I am working in the area of Credit and Risk management. The CFA program has enabled me to look at variety of financial products from the prospective of financial due diligence, suitability of these products in individual and institutional portfolio and likely impact of various external factors on the performances of these products

  • Vipul Goyal, CFA
    CFA Charterholder Senior Financial Analyst, Third Wave Solutions Pvt Ltd

    CFA Program has been integral part of my career plans, as it allowed me to switch from an Engineering background and enter the Finance Sector - as a fresher it is very difficult to get a job in the finance domain unless you have some sort of qualification or certification. Even clearing Level 1 or 2 helps a lot in that regard. Furthermore, I think the content is very well developed and the knowledge gained during the course of study helps in several ways in terms of adding value to one's career and personal growth.

  • Faraz Alam, CFA
    CFA Charterholder Investment Consultant, Mercer

    "I gave the Level 1 examination in June 2014, Level 2 in June 2015 and Level 3 in June 2016. Cleared all exams in my first attempt. Woow it feels so special to climb the so called Mount Everest of the Wall street without any hiccups.

    When I started this journey I wasn't sure till what point or which level or in which attempt I will loose my faith and will accept the defeat. Finguru classes gave the perfect blend of knowledge and motivation to keep going on. Without the guidance and constant support this wouldn't have been possible Sir. You have been my best mentor in the entire life. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

    Clearing this exam has given me a good learning opportunity to learn my job related concepts in a better way. I was able to enhance my performance at work and it gave me recognition as well at workplace. As calculating management fee and Incentive fee are my primary job responsibilities and it was the part of the curriculum as well.

    I would like to thank you for all the unconditional support and continual feedback regarding my performance. It provided me the right guidance and confidence to conquer the exams. Sir truly speaking without your guidance it wouldn't the reality. I would like to dedicate my success to you. Thank you for the wonderful mentoring. Hope to have a everlasting guidance and blessings from you."

  • Akshay Sahrawat, CFA
    CFA Charterholder Pursuing MBA

    I gave my Level 1 of the curriculum in December 2012, followed by Level 2 in June 2013 and Level 3 in June 2014 and have cleared all three levels of the CFA exam.

    The CFA curriculum has helped me build a sound foundation in the field of Finance. My knowledge bank and confidence have definitely been boosted to an extent where I can comprehend an Industry Professionals opinion and provide reasonable arguments of my own. In the nut shell I feel better equipped to face the challenges that would be thrown at me in my upcoming career.  With the help of the the Three Levels of the CFA curriculum that I have managed to pass, I am able to get Interview Calls from reputed organizations, thus providing me options and not just accepting whatever I am able to get my hands upon.

    Currently, I am not employed- preparing for GMAT. But upon clearing Level 2, I was able to secure a position with Copal Amba as a Senior Analyst in the Investment Research Division. 

    Finally, thanks a lot Sushant ! This journey would not have been possible without your support and motivation. God Bless Finguru!! Cheers!

  • Saurabh Sahni, CFA
    CFA Charterholder Investment Analyst, RCPL

    I completed my Level 1 in December 2013, Level 2 in June 2014 and Level 3 in June 2016.

    The CFA Program has changed my professional life drastically. It covers almost every aspect of finance with theoretical as well as practical knowledge of the finance industry which has given me a good exposure and ultimately a good job in the relevant domain. The syllabi is very much conceptual which is helping me a lot in my job. I cannot miss to thank Finguru for this as it has served as the platform which made it possible for me to complete both the levels consequently within a time span of just one year. As I was not initially from the field of Finance and barely possessed any knowledge of finance, yet the knowledge imparted by Finguru helped me not just complete my level 1 & 2 but also developped a better understanding of all the concepts. According to me, nothing is better than the CFA Program for Investment Professionals.

    Currently I'm working with RCPL as an Investment Analyst. 

  • Gurpreet Chugh, CFA
    CFA Charterholder Head of Consulting Practice - Asia, ICF International

    The CFA Program has greatly improved my understanding of finance.  Engineers typically struggle with accounting and finance and being one, i was no different.  But the rigor of the learning and self-study needed for CFA exam ensured that I could not only understand but also be fluent in finance.

  • Vishesh Jhol, CFA
    CFA Charterholder Senior Manager - Strategy, Den|snapdeal TV shop I completed all 3 levels of the CFA program in 2014 and have recently received my charter from the CFA Institute. 

    The CFA Program has given me immense knowledge and perspective in financial analysis and valuation, behavioral finance, ethical training, quantitative techniques and, individual and institutional investment management.

    I worked for a Minister in the government for two years and all my analytical skills came in handy in managing his development funds and in defining turnaround strategy for Public Sector Undertakings.
  • Shagun Mantry, CFA
    CFA Charterholder Business Analyst, Evalueserve I started with CFA in December 2010 when I cleared level one. This was followed by level two in June 2011 and level three in June 2012. So currently, I have qualified for CFA but I'm awaiting the charter. Finguru was extremely helpful as I could manage to clear all the levels in first attempts.

    CFA helped me career take off when I joined Evalueserve- a global research firm, as an analyst in October 2012. My in depth knowledge in finance gained through CFA helped me to perform my work responsibilities with ease and I could gain a fantastic learning curve. Also, having cleared CFA, I could manage to secure a seat at the Indian School of Business class of 2016. 

    Currently, I work with Evalueserve as a business analyst. I'm part of a team which assists a London based restructuring client in providing corporate advisory solutions.
  • Kumar Rohit, CFA
    CFA Charterholder Wealth Specialist, Standard Chartered Bank I took my level 2 exam in June'15 and level 3 in June '16 

    CFA program has added a lot of value at professional and personal level. I got a chance to learn a lot about my line of work which in turn helped me change my job profile to something which is more fulfilling and rewarding. It not only taught the basics of finance but also gave a wider perspective about this mystical world of finance!!!

    A simple pursuit of this charter, talks a lot about your desire to learn and excel in all walks of life. Needless to say, it has also earned me some respect. I would strongly recommend this course to a serious candidate since it will surely add a lot of value in the long term.

    Finally a big thanks to Sushant who is always methodical in his teaching approach and has always been available for doubt clearing sessions and frequent doses of pep talks.;-)
  • Nandan Vohra, CFA
    CFA Charterholder Credit Risk Analyst- Royal Bank of Scotland The CFA program has given me direction in my career. It has also given me a sound theoretical knowledge of key aspects of finance and investment. 

    I was earlier employed with PwC Gurgaon and have worked there for almost 3 years. I am currently working as a Credit Risk Analyst with Royal Bank of Scotland.

    Finguru greatly helped in my process of preparation. The classes gave me a sound foundation and clarity of concepts. Instead of having to go through the content on my own in the first go it was very helpful to have done it once in the classes. 

    I would like to thank Sushant Sir and Finguru for the support and mentoring that was provided. I received mentoring and guidance not only from the exam perspective but also from a career perspective in the course of my association with Finguru. The entire coaching pattern helped build a routine and ease in achieving clarity of the content. I have been actively recommending Finguru as a very reliable coaching partner to crack the CFA examination because I personally felt it had a huge contribution to my success.
  • Anupam Jain, CFA
    CFA Charterholder Manager - Investor Relations, Jubilant Life Sciences Limited "I have cleared all the three levels of the CFA exam. Coming from a non-finance background, I used to always find it difficult to convince the Bankers and investors about my point of view. I now feel more equipped to respond to their queries and it helps a lot particularly during negotiations. Besides, I get tremendous respect when people find out that I have cleared this exam.

    Sushant knows the material well and offers very clear perspective with practical examples outside the books."
  • Rahul Dawra, CFA
    CFA Charterholder Manager – Financial Services Advisory at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP in New York. As a consultant to global systemically important banks (G-SIBS) in the U.S., I advise clients on risk management and strategic issues. My professional experience and academic qualifications are critical to serving clients and marketing my firm’s capabilities. The CFA Program is one of the most imminent and respected affiliations on Wall Street and my candidacy in the program has helped me distinguish myself within the firm.
  • Prabal Chhabra, CFA
    CFA Charterholder Research & Business Analyst - M&A - Eli Global CFA curriculum has enhanced my knowledge base and it gives a competitive edge in the investment job market. I was able to clear all the three levels in one go (Dec 2014, June 2015 and June 2016 respectively) in the least possible time. The only person apart from my family members who entrusted in me, the confidence that I will be able to manage the exams in this sequence was Sushant Suri.

    Not only, has Sushant Sir proved to be a good "Fin-Guru" but a strong motivator too throughout this journey. His incessant support; academic and motivational proved to be the recipe for my success. A Big Big thanks to him. Apart from the study sessions, Finguru classes involve good discussions that make the concepts crystal clear with their classic real-world examples.

    I kicked off with my career at Fidelity Worldwide Investments in the Fund Operations profile when after 2 years I decided to switch to investment research; however, I wanted to gain insights into how are big bucks managed at fund houses and the subsequent investments made. The answer I got after hours of research was CFA. This indeed turned out to be a function-shift decision for my career. I have also worked with Eli Global as a Research & Business Analyst in the M&A team. Currently, I am working with the Mercer Investment Consulting team.

    CFA, considered to be the most respected affiliation at Wall Street, has a comprehensive curriculum which, in my opinion, will reap handsome benefits in the long run. (As they say, huge returns come with time = Value Investing!!!).
  • Raman Chawla, CFA
    CFA Charterholder Research Associate, S&P Capital IQ The CFA curriculum has helped me by building a sound foundation in the field of Finance. My knowledge and confidence have increased many fold as now I can easily understand what Industry Professionals opinion are and can present my viewpoint too. I feel better prepared for the future challenges.

    Finguru has actually provided me with the much needed direction for my preparations. Although curriculum demands lots of self study but one need guidance to know from where to start and where to end that was correctly given by Finguru classes. I am from science background still I never felt difficulty while studying because of the coaching I got from Finguru. The methodology adopted by all the faculty is very good and they make sure that each and every student of any background understands the concepts very clearly before going into complexities of the topic. They always motivate you to ask more and more doubts so that things get clearer and clearer. I would highly recommend to go for FINGURU classes if you are planning to prepare for CFA.
  • Kartik Khanna, CFA
    CFA Charterholder Senior Research Associate (Investments) - S&P Global My typical day involves finding solutions to data and analytics problems for private equity and venture capital clients. The CFA program has provided me with deep understanding of investment industry. In addition, the designation gives instant credibility among team members and clients alike.

    Also, the CFA program's focus on Ethics (tested in all three levels) exposes candidates to scenarios which are hard to match in any other finance program globally. This leads to learning beyond models and numbers.
  • Rohan Sharma, CFA
    CFA Charterholder Associate, Exchange Relations at S&P Global, Inc.
    The CFA Program has imparted me immense knowledge and perspective in financial analysis, understanding and valuation
    of different asset classes. It has significantly helped in keeping abreast with the finance and investment services 
    industry. And, most importantly high focus on Ethics adds more professionalism to the curriculum.
    And, Finguru had been instrumental in me develop a better understanding of the curriculum and pass all 3 levels of examination.
  • Ankit Gupta, CFA
    CFA Charterholder Senior Analyst (Business Modelling and Valuations)

    One who is looking to make carrier and enhance his knowledge in finance, there can be no better course than CFA. I am also an MBA Finance, however the knowledge and understanding I gained after pursuing CFA is unmatched. This course opens wide range of opportunities such as M&A, portfolio/fund management, currencies, consulting to name a few.

    I cleared all the 3 levels in my first attempt thanks to Sushant and Finguru. Sushant conducts lively classes which are not restricted to only course content, but also real markets and life examples

  • Anuj Gulati, CFA
    CFA Charterholder Investment Consultant at Mercer Consulting India Limited.
    CFA program gives an clear picture of valuation methods of almost every asset class in available in the world, after going through the CFA content, one start to understand the challenges that a portfolio managers faces in their everyday routine. CFA program demands a lot of hard work and dedication, and and that is the only way to achieve it (there are no shortcuts).
    Special focus is given to Ethics section in the CFA cirriculum which adds value to your professional life. I would recommend Finguru classes to anyone planning to achieve the CFA dream, specifically Sushant sir, without whom it was impossible for me to clear all levels of CFA.
  • Vaishali Gupta, CFA
    CFA Charterholder Senior Analyst in Investment Consulting, Mercer ( Marsh & McLennan)
    I gave my first CFA level exam in Dec 2015 and gave the Level 3 in June 2018. I have cleared Level-3 and have also received the CFA Charter recently. CFA program has enhanced my knowledge about the finance industry and understanding of various concepts.
    I have joined Finguru for my third and last hurdle and would like to thanks Sushant Sir for his endless support and guidance over the same.
  • Paras Puri, CFA
    CFA Charterholder Credit Analyst, Barclays Global Service Centre I have completed all 3 levels of CFA program. I appeared for CFA Level 1 in December 2016, Level 2 in June 2017 and Level 3 in June 2018. The CFA program is globally recognized and highly accredited in the investment field. The CFA charter is one of the highest distinctions one can earn in the investment management profession. The set of skills and knowledge I have developed from the curriculum will serve me throughout my career. Thanks to Finguru and specially to Sushant Sir for his guidance throughout the course. A great motivator with immense knowledge and experience. Big thanks to him again!!
  • Pranav Joneja
    Completed Level 3, Awaiting Charter Analyst, JP Morgan Singapore

    I completed all 3 levels of the CFA exam on my first attempt. The CFA Program improved my market knowledge to a great extent. Just after Level 1, I was confident enough to have a conversation regarding markets. Long story short, it was a great value add on my resume and definitely played an important role in me getting a job.

  • Sukhmani Pasricha
    Cleared Level 3, Awaiting Charter

    I have completed all the 3 levels of CFA  program. I appeared for CFA Level 1 in December 2012,  Level 2 in June 2013 and Level 3 in June 2014.

     The CFA program is globally recognized and one of the respected credential in the investment community. It is a comprehensive program which provides you with knowledge and skills needed for competitive careers in the investment profession. It provides you with real world investment analysis and portfolio management skills you need in today's investment industry. It also emphasizes highest ethical and professional standards.

  • Gautam Bansal
    Cleared Level 3, Awaiting Charter Pursuing MBA at IIM Lucknow

    I started with the CFA program in 2011 and took level III of the CFA exam in June 2014. Since I have cleared all 3 level exams of the CFA program, I can now apply for the charter on completion of the regular membership requirements.

    The CFA program has provided me with much needed knowledge of the financial world, most importantly, a good understanding of the asset classes, and how to value them. I am now in a position to better assess my interest and steer my career towards a desired financial role.

    The interactions at FinGuru not only helped me clear the exams in the first attempt but also provided me with a study group and a wholesome learning experience.

    I am an MBA candidate at IIM Lucknow and hope to kick start my career with an equity research/asset management role soon.

  • Yashna Pahuja
    Cleared All 3 Levels, Awaiting Charter Research Analyst - RCPL Ltd. CFA is a complete package for anybody who desires to enter the finance and investment industry. It covers all the aspects of the industry including Ethics, Financial Reporting and analysis, Equity, Fixed Income, Derivatives, Alternative Investments, Portfolio Management, Corporate finance, Quantitative methods and Economics.

    CFA has played a prominent role in shaping my career in the finance industry. The knowledge I gathered during the course has helped me to enhance my analytical skills and made it easier to get accustomed to the jargons and concepts that are used day to day on job. In short, CFA has made life easier in the financial world.
  • Mannit Sidhu
    Passed Level 3 in 2015, Awaiting Charter Management Trainee, L&T Capital Markets
    I Started with the CFA Program right after my Graduation. Passing the 3 exams has increased my knowledge of various core finance subjects and understanding of the capital markets a great deal. The CFA curriculum is practical and provides much required knowledge to work on the buy side. It is a globally accepted certification thus not limiting your job prospects to a geographical location.

    Joining Finguru helps link the curriculum to the real business world and also helps meet like minded budding finance professionals.
  • Sakshi Aggarwal
    Cleared CFA Level 3, Awaiting Charter Credit Analyst, OakNorth Bank

    I enrolled in CFA program with Level 1 in June 2015 and Level 2 in 2016 and cleared Level 3 in June 2017. All exams in the first attempt.

    CFA has not only given me in-depth fundamental knowledge about Portfolio management, corporate finance and investment valuations but has also given a practical view of how the financial markets work around the globe. It has definitely enhanced my resume as a serious finance enthusiast and is surely a key for achieving a successful career breakthrough in the field of finance.

    I want to thank our mentor Sushant Suri since all of this was possible because of his continuous support and guidance and interactive sessions that made the concepts easy to interpret. Cheers.
  • Yashvi Saraf
    CFA Level 3 Candidate Research Associate, CEB now Gartner

    I took my CFA Level 1 exam in June 2016 followed by Level 2 in June 2017 and cleared both the levels in first attempt.

    The coveted credential of Chartered Financial Analyst earns you much beyond a professional degree. 
    I have taken CFA as a complementary qualification to broaden my professional expertise. It has given me a solid grounding in financial knowledge.

    Undoubtedly, the exam is a gruelling process but with the guidance and mentoring provided at Finguru the journey becomes smoother. Thank you, Sushant, for a wholesome learning experience!
  • Sarthak Garg
    Cleared CFA Level 3, Awaiting Charter Senior Operational Analysis Analyst in Portfolio valuations team with Ihs markit. CFA helps to better understand numbers and their relevance.  Also, because of CFA I am able to give interviews to front end finance jobs.
  • Akshay Pahwa
    Cleared CFA Level 3, Awaiting Charter Associate in Asset Valuation, Macquarie Group.
    CFA Journey of mine started from June 2015 and completed all the 3 levels in single go .
    Undoubtedly, the kind of knowledge CFA has provided is unbeatable to any other course. It opens up different avenues of core finance for you. To make it crisp- No Matter what background you are from, CFA would give you a Holistic View to the world of Finance and that is amazing!
    A word specially for Sushant Suri (Lead Trainer) - He's an excellent mentor with ocean full of knowledge within him. His teachings, notes -everything is at par to CFA Curriculum.Big thanks to him!
  • Ravneet Hundal
    Level 3 Candidate Investment Consultant-Mercer India Pvt Ltd I gave my CFA Level 1 exam in June 2017 and Level 2 exam in June 2018. Now I am looking forward to enroll myself for Level 3 for June 2019. While studying subjects like Financial Management and Fundamentals of Investment during my college days, I always had an interest to learn more about finance and soon after graduating from Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, Delhi University, I enrolled myself with the CFA program which is globally recognized and is considered  a valuable credential in the Investment area .While preparing for the exams I was really confident that the course will enhance my overall knowledge in area of Finance and Investment.This program also helped me to clear the technical rounds of interviews. I would like to thank Sushant sir and Ankur sir for continuously helping and guiding me to get through both the levels.The amount of dedication they show while clearing of your doubts from day one of the coaching till the end of your exam is outstanding.
  • Anirudh Natarajan
    CFA Level 3, Candidate Research Analyst (Equity) at CRISIL ltd.
    I believe that the CFA Program is integral for a Financial Analyst. This Program has helped me comprehend every minute details required to analyze companies and securities. 
    When I initially began work in the domain of financial analysis and financial modelling there were a few concepts that set me back as I couldn't comprehend their functionalities. The CFA course helps in understanding the basics and assists analysts tackle advanced concepts. The CFA Program comprehensively tackles many topics, that provide budding analysts the required knowledge and skill to excel in this field. This Program provides a good base for a beginner, inculcates conceptual clarity for working professionals and develops critical thinking with respect to financial analysis and portfolio management. 
  • Mradul Nagar
    Cleared CFA level II Master in Finance, EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht, Germany I have cleared CFA Level II in June 2018. Without work experience in Investment field it would have been very difficult to understand and connect the new terms and concepts if sushant sir would not be there. CFA exam preperations have taught me what is hard work. It has increased my dedication level. It is not exaggeration to say CFA curriculum is better than the top B school's finance curriculum.
  • Shubham Bhardwaj
    Level 3 Candidate
    As I gave both the Exams with my Graduation, both of them had a overlap with my University exam but to ensure the preparations Finguru planned the training in such a way that I had ample amount of time for revision of the Curriculum and for excelling enough questions in CFA Level-2.
    The CFA program along with Finguru training refined my knowledge of Finance.
  • Pradyuman Gaur
    CFA Level 3, Candidate Financial Advisor, Wealthcare Securities Pvt. Ltd.
    CFA program has greatly enhanced my knowledge about financial markets. CFA is a great program for one who have interest in financial markets, as it provides in-depth knowledge of various asset classes. Curriculum Includes all important subjects/concepts to understand in and out of financial markets. CFA has given me enough clarity and confidence that enabled me to have conversations with portfolio managers and my clients. Now I am able to understand the strategies and working of portfolio managers and I am able to convey it to my clients with clarity. CFA have been a great add-on to my profession and my resume as well. 
  • Vinayak Sood
    Cleared CFA Level 3, Awaiting Charter Associate, Crisil Corporate & Infrastructure Ratings

    I am currently a CFA level 3 candidate.  I gave my level 2 exam in June 2014.  I am currently working as a CCAP Associate in Crisil Corporate and Infrastructure Ratings. The CFA Program has equipped me with right knowledge to work in the financial domain. It gives me an edge over the others, in terms of my understanding and desirability as a job candidate.

  • Jai Singh Gambhir
    Cleared CFA Level 3, Awaiting Charter Analyst, Bain & Co.

    I gave the CFA L1 exam in 2013 and L2 2 in June 2014 and L3 in June 2016. I have cleared all the three levels and eagerly await my charter.

    The CFA curriculum is definitely challenging and requires immense hard work. It has equipped me with sound financial knowledge which I can apply at my workplace. It has helped me understand finance better. Apart from the knowledge I have gained, it has also made me more disciplined and has given me immense confidence in my own capabilities.  

    CFA Program is quite a rigorous program and it adds more than just finance. In the industry as well, people know it’s quite hard to clear these exams, given the low pass rates. So when you have cleared these exams, it speaks a lot about you as an individual too and is well recognized.
    A big thank you to Sushant for coaching and mentoring me across all three levels. Attending the classes helped my understand concepts better and ensured that my preparation was always on track. In short- if your aim is to understand the curriculum and not just merely pass the three exams- Finguru is ideal.


  • Mohit Sanjay Bathija
    Cleared CFA Level 3, Awaiting Charter Associate Solution Advisor , Advisory - Business Valuation, Deloitte USI
    I started my CFA journey in June 2014 with CFA Level I and have successfully attempted and passed the CFA Level III exam in the June 2016 attempt. I am now awaiting my Charter on successful completion of the requisite work experience.

    The CFA Program has a practical application based element to its curriculum. This has added value to me both through my MBA journey and in my current job as a Valuation Specialist by providing me insights and logic of each and every element of the work I do. This gives me and edge and thus steepens my learning curve. It has personally added to my knowledge base and given me a disciplined approach for my career growth and enhancement.

    CFA provides a base which is highly interconnected and exhaustive in many areas. If you are able to connect and grasp the entire flow, it will make you see things in a much broader manner, a major reason for the immense respect and popularity of the Program globally.
  • Niti Prasad
    Cleared CFA Level III, Awaiting Charter
    I passed my level I exam in December 2015, level II exam in June 2016 and level III exam in June 2018. 
    The CFA program is globally recognized and highly accredited in the investment field. Preparing for the exams and clearing them widens your knowledge and understanding of the investment area and hence enhances your career opportunities in this field. I now have better understanding of the investment arena and hence am able to drive my career towards a better and desired financial role.

    I would want to thank Finguru and Sushant sir for providing the guidance and help in preparing for the exam with a better understanding of the curriculum.
  • Smriti Bhatia
    Level 3 Candidate I passed my CFA level I exam in Dec 2017 and Level II exam in June 2018. Initially it appeared very difficult as I had nearly 4 months to prepare for the Level II exam, but because of Finguru it became possible.
    The CFA curriculum has given me such in depth knowledge of finance. It sharpens your skills to analyze things and is so much logical. Learning things is very less important than understanding the concept.
    It builds up your confidence through gain of a huge amount of knowledge. It is a very good program for professionals in the investment field. 
  • Ishaan Khanna
    Level 3 Candidate Pursuing MS in Finance from University of California - San Diego

    I gave my Level I exam in December 2017 and Level II exam in June 2018. I believe that CFA is the perfect course to get exposure in the investment domain. Being from a non-finance background (Computer Engineer), it was difficult to break into the investment sector, but now I get tremendous respect when people find out that I have cleared 2 levels of CFA. Sushant Sir is an amazing teacher. His lectures were of immense help. He explains complex concepts in a very simple language, and they get registered in your mind simply by listening to him. Even though I am from a Science background, I still never found it difficult to prepare for this exam and cleared both levels with a score of more than 90 percentile in each of them. I would highly recommend Finguru to anyone looking to prepare for CFA. Finguru, and specifically Sushant sir have played a major role in my success and I can't thank them enough for it.    

  • Dakshina Vyas
    Level 3 Candidate Chartered Accountant, KPMG Global Services

    I gave my CFA level I in June, 2017 and Level II in June, 2018. Now I'll be registering for June 2019 Level III exam. CFA has helped me to get into the finance sector. CFA curriculum has widened my knowledge horizon and helped understand concepts in better and a more complete sense. CFA level II gave me an edge over other candidates for my current job profile and I’ am sure clearing CFA level III would help to reach the goal that I have set in my life. 
    CFA certification is the end result but during this process of 2 years Sushant Sir has been the guiding force. The way he conducts his classes, the kind of advice he gives its just THE BEST!! 

    Thank you Sir!


  • Ishwar Jindal
    Cleared All 3 Levels, Awaiting Charter Vice President, Digital Currencies Technology, Royal Bank Of Scotland.

    I Passed CFA Level 3 in June 2018. CFA program has greatly enhanced my knowledge about financial markets. CFA program/content has given me enough confidence that enabled me to have direct and quality conversation with the traders on the floor. CFA program has provided me in depth knowledge on various asset classes which opens up various career opportunities for me. 

  • Sethu Subramani
    Level 3 candidate
    I gave my CFA Level I in Dec 2014 and Level II in June 2015.
    Doing CFA has greatly enriched my knowledge in Finance and has definitely given me an edge over other applicants in Interviews in terms of know-how as well as recognition, being the internationally acclaimed course it is.

    Though initially I was quite apprehensive regarding taking level II with just about 4 months left for preparation, the faculty made sure that every concept, no matter how insignificant, was dealt with and explained clearly.

    The recorded videos available for multiple views and all-time available support for queries helped me a lot.
  • Nikita Ajwani
    Cleared CFA Level 3, Awaiting Charter Associate, Decision Analytics,Inductis(EXL) I cleared the Level 1 examination in 2015, Level 2 in 2016 and Level 3 in June 2017. The CFA Program for me has been the most enriching experience in the world of finance and everything makes much more sense at the workplace! It's worth all the patience, discipline and the grueling schedule this course demands. 

    Last but not the least, Sushant has provided one of the most amazing classroom experiences!
  • Ashish Bansal
    Cleared Level 3, Awaiting Charter Research Associate - Visible Alpha Solutions

    The CFA program is completely conceptual and it has enhanced my knowledge and thinking ability w.r.t Equity and Financial analysis. Now I can better think and apply the methods learned, which are using in my work. In short this learning gives me an edge by which now I can better perform.

  • Aditya Gupta
    Level 3 Candidate Pursuing Msc Investment and Finance, University of London
    I enrolled in the cfa programme in dec 2015. I was always interested in Investment Banking bussiness and CFA was the right choice for this. Little did i knew that there will be a lot of hurdles for me. Being from the science and IT background, i had never studied accounts and commerce subjects. It took me 3 attempts to clear level1 and 2 attempts to clear level2 .After my second failed attempt of level1 I understood the exam is preparing me for the greater good and persistence is the key. The exam tested my patience, every time i was well prepared but ended up getting band 9, like in the markets not everyone can run in the bullrun so was with me in the exam. But under the right guidance of Sushant sir i was so confident that i also appeared for FRM L1 together with my CFA L2 and cleared both of them. I am really thankful to Sushant Sir and finguru. All my doubts were promptly clarified.
    I am looking forward to join L3 batch asap.
  • Sartaj Hundal
    Level 3 Candidate Senior Analyst - Mercer India Pvt Ltd I gave my CFA Level 1 exam in Dec. 2014 and Level 2 exam in June 2016. 

    From my school days I was interested in learning about finance and capital markets. After completing my graduation from Sri Guru Gobind Singh College of Commerce, Delhi University, I came to know about CFA program and after getting to learn more about CFA program while I was preparing for level 1, I was really glad and confident that this program will enhance my knowledge in domain of finance. This program also helped me to clear some hard rounds of interviews. I would like to thank Sushant sir and Ankur sir for continuously helping and guiding me to get through both the levels.

    Now I Am looking forward to enroll myself for level 3 for June 2017.

  • Surabhi Sethia
    Cleared CFA Level 3, Awaiting Charter
    I have completed all the levels of CFA in one go. My hardwork, dedication and support from FINGURU and Sushant Suri helped me in achieving the tag of CFA, chartered awaited. CFA program helped me in enhancing my knowledge in the field of Investment Banking and is a great add on which will definitely help in entering IB sector. 
  • Rijul Ahuja
    CFA Level 3 Candidate Junior Analyst, JP Morgan Chase & Co. I wrote CFA level 1 in December 2016 and level 2 in June 2017. I plan to appear for level 3 in June 2018, but I am yet to register.

    The fact that I was writing CFA level 1 the next day helped me in getting my current job. Clearing L2 has been an added advantage to this because my senior analyst has been adamant that he needs another CFA on the team.

    I work in the equity research team to support US Mid & Small Cap Banks at JP Morgan.

  • Shivank Saxena
    CFA Level 3 Candidate Associate (Investments) Venture Gurukool

    I appeared in CFA Level I exam in June 2016, followed by Level II in June 2017. CFA has helped me build a solid foundation in the field of finance. It has definitely given me an edge over other candidates in terms of knowledge as well as employability. The structured nature of the CFA course is very beneficial, as it helps in clarity of concepts and brings out clearly the interrelation and distinction among various theoretical concepts of finance.   

    I would sincerely like to thank Sushant Sir for the providing immense support throughout my journey. He provided deep insight into the concepts thereby making them easy to interpret.
  • Rishika Singhal
    CFA Level 3 Candidate Junior Associate at Moody's Analytics Knowledge Services


    I cleared CFA Level I in December 2014 and CFA Level II In June 2017. I am currently CFA Level III candidate.

    CFA has not been an easy journey for me since I came from a completely non-finance background but I did not give up. CFA helped me get into the financial industry and start my career. After getting into investment banking, CFA curriculum has started to make a lot more sense since I can see the practical application of the curriculum and that's what made me believe that CFA program is based on real life application. 

    Finguru has provided me with the right direction and tips to prepare for the exam. Sushant and Ankur have been the best teachers since they taught the most complex topics in the most simplest way possible. Finguru has played a major role in my success and I can't thank them enough for it. They faculty pushes you toward achieving your dream since along with hardwork, right guidance is very important in moving towards your goal and Finguru made me achieve my goal which at one point I thought was impossible. I highly recommend other prospective candidates to join Finguru to prepare for the exam.

    Thanks once again. This success wouldn't have been possible without your support.

  • Garima Arora
    Cleared CFA Level 3, Awaiting Charter Analyst - Valuations and Business Modelling team, EY I am happy to share that I have cleared all the three levels of the CFA program in my first attempt itself. The program has propelled my career in finance. I now have the requisite knowledge and confidence to even further build my skillset.
    I took the first level examination in December 16 and was not sure if I could take the level 2 examination within a span of 6 months alongside my job, however Sushant made me believe that I could clear it. With his support and encouragement I not only cleared level two but also managed to score 70% + in all the subjects.
    I am currently working as a analyst in the Transaction Advisory team of Ernst and Young.
    My current role involves a high degree of practical application of what I have learnt.
  • Puneet Gupta
    CFA Level 3 Candidate Senior Analyst - KP Synergies. I took CFA Level 2 test in June 2016 and registered for Level 3 which I will take it in June 2017. CFA program has enhanced my overall understanding of the valuation work that I have been doing in last three years. I am now more confident about my work.
  • Payal Mittal
    Level 3 Candidate
    The CFA Program gave a basis to start. Fundamental knowledge of valuations n analysis. Also, made my investments more fact based than just news based. 
  • Pallavi Tikkoo
    Level 3 Candidate Credit Research Analyst- Genpact

    I cleared the CFA Level 1 exam in Dec 2012 and Level 2 exam in June 2014. Currently I am a Level 3 candidate.

    Prior to choosing to take up the CFA exam, I had a Master's degree in finance. I would say there has been a visible change in my understanding of the concepts, after taking up the CFA course. It has given me a much more analytical and a logical thought process, a completely different outlook towards understanding the finance concepts. Professionally, I feel the respect among peers, management and the clients. For me, CFA has done a great job of highlighting me in front of the employers. It has definitely enhanced my finance career path. For prospective CFA students I would say, the material is thorough and very extensive, it is NOT easy to crack this exam without planned and proper investment of time. It's not difficult to understand, but requires an implementation of the study plan. The coveted credential has earned me much more than just a professional degree. It opened a lot of job opportunities for me, which otherwise would not have been possible for me to achieve at this stage of my career. Adding a CFA degree to your CV is a great thing and it would definitely broaden your outlook towards the finance industry.

  • Siddharth Mukherjee
    Cleared CFA Level 3, Awaiting Charter Assistant Manager, Global Banking & Markets, HSBC

    The very first time I heard about CFA program was in 2012 and it took me more than a year to evaluate and make up my mind to sit for the Level 1 exam in 2013.

    CFA gives you the right kind of exposure in domain of finance and if you talk about specifically Investment domain, this is the BEST course of the world. Right from basics of Quant to details of Valuations, everything is covered.

    I've worked with BankAm in their Investment Management process and currently part of Global Banking & Markets team of HSBC. And the one thing I can count on and which gives me confidence is that I can do any job and understand every aspect of the financial world because of the learning and understanding gained through CFA program.

  • Karan Arora
    Cleared CFA L3, Awaiting Charter Research Analyst - Visible Alpha CFA has always been on the back of my mind when I was pursuing my MBA as only MBA doesn't provide that deep knowledge of Finance, what CFA has taught me. CFA program has added a lot of value at professional and personal level. This program demands a sheer dedication as without that it won't be possible.Moreover, Sushant has been a superb trainer throughout with extensive knowledge of every topic what he covers. Overall, an awesome journey till date but way to go and grab opportunities further
  • Jyotika Sethi
    Level 2 cleared Business & Technology Delivery Analyst with Accenture I was from non finance background ( electronics and communication engineering) and was working in an IT company writing codes, I heard about CFA from a friend but didn't know anything beyond the full form of the acronym.

    I attended the introductory session about CFA by Sushant Sir and I was then convinced that I have to study this course. I joined finguru in Jan 2016 and gave my LEVEL-1 exam in June 2016 and then LEVEL-2 in June 2017.

    Due to engineering mentality, I am kind of a last minute prepper , I started my Level-1 prep for June exam on 18th March and for Level-2 , I started on 3rd April giving me hardly 2.5 and 2 months time respectively. I can genuinely say that if it weren't for Sushant Sir I wouldn't have cleared any of the exams. His video lectures were of immense help. He has the ability to explain complex concepts in a very simple language that it gets registered in your mind by simply listening to him. Apart from video lectures , I also attended his crash course which really sealed the deal. One thing that I really like about crash course is that he connects all subjects together stressing on the links between various subjects and how one thing that we studied in some subject is related to other something we studied in other subject. The whole connect the dots is extremely useful making CFA program getting etched in our minds like one whole big story.

    CFA program has really added to my knowledge as well as my resume. I understand Economic Times much better now. I will continue my association with Finguru for Level-3 as well.
  • Mridul Gupta
    Level 3 Candidate

    I gave level 2 of cfa exam in June14. CFA program is enhancing my knowledge and make me more skilled to analyse financial markets and do better valuations and use better techniques. Finguru and Sushant sir, you have played key role in believing in me and motivating to study hard and nail level 2. Well you were too optimistic about me clearing it which was really motivating me. 

    The best part about was the spirit of the faculty to take classes with full spirit even though you had a tiring schedule. Hats Off to you sir.

  • Gajendra Jaiswal
    Cleared CFA Level 3, Awaiting Charter Research Analyst, DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance I’m happy to report that I passed 2016 CFA Level 3 exam. I completed all three levels of the CFA program on my first attempt and now charter is pending.

    CFA program is unique, it has truly transformed my career. Each level is different, which demand different levels of skill. I can confidently face the ever evolving world of finance. Its up-to-date curriculum, thoroughness, global recognition and local presence have helped me grow as a professional.

    Right after my Level 3 exam, I was confident enough to grab a much coveted job as a buy side analyst. I thank you Sushant and Finguru for helping me during my level 3 preparation. God bless you!
  • Anuj Mundra
    CFA Level 3 Candidate Assistant Manager, PWC I appeared for CFA level II examination in June 2017. Currently I am a CFA level III candidate.

    CFA Program has added value to better interpret the complexities of the Financial Sector. The curriculum is such defined that it links the macro elements like interest rates with fixed income yielding instruments, financial reporting implications on the valuation of an entity, derivative valuations using advances quantitative techniques and likewise. With a robust commerce and finance background, CFA program enhances my skill set to link the variables better and look at the larger picture for analogies.

    Currently I am working as an Assistant Managed in one of the Big4 audit firms
  • Parvi Agarwal
    Level 3 Candidate

    I took my CFA level 2 exam in June 2014 and appear for level 3 in June 2015. I have acquired immense knowledge about equity valuation, corporate finance and derivatives concepts. I am a fresher looking for job of research analyst. Sushant sir is amazing teacher who with his extensive knowledge and great teaching skills provides clear understanding of all topics. His teaching skills are beyond excellence.

  • Shruti Sharma
    CFA Level 3 Candidate Senior Analyst, Copal Amba "I appeared for CFA level-2 this june and cleared my exam in first attempt. But this battle was not that easy, Sushant Sir support was unwinding from first day when he made me realised that it can be done in three months only. All the study sessions were in detail and I find my concepts very strong, this is the only factor which helped me in sailling through this exam. Class notes and CFA curricullum books are necessary and sufficient study material.

    CFA enhanced my knowledge base and it gives competitive edge in the finance industry. In my workplace I have seen people planning for CFA after completing their MBA (in finance major) or are already CFA candidates, thus it is coming up as a common acceptable professional course of finance industry."
  • Siddharth Jain
    Cleared CFA L3, Awaiting Charter Dy. Manager, BPCL I am a CA and began preparing for CFA because I was always interested in deeper financial analysis, and financial topics. I am always interested in numbers, accountancy and financial products and analysis. CFA has given an additional qualification to me, and opened a number of opportunities in the field of finance. There are innumerous opportunities and the choosing the right area at the start is very important.

    As far as exam is concerned, working on the basics is very important. And focus on the strengths is the key. I cleared L1, L2 & L3 in Dec 2014, June 2015 and June 2016 respectively. Reading through the topics is important because some topics go on till L3, and coming back every now and then gives a new insight.

    I hope to use the CFA skills to my advantage, may be by starting with one area and then diversifying across the available opportunities.
  • Nikhil Ganotra
    CFA Level 3 Candidate

    I gave my Level1 CFA exam in December 2016 and Level 2 exam in June 2017. I cleared both the exams in the first attempt. I am currently preparing for Level 3 CFA exam and practicing on Excel and Financial Modelling. My main motive for pursuing CFA was not to get a job but to get familiar with the terms that I got stuck while reading newspapers, annual reports etc. After clearing Level 1 and Level 2, I feel very much comfortable while reading financial newspapers, research reports etc. 

    Joining Finguru was one of the best decisions I took which saved a lot of my time and helped me clear those exams with expert guidance by Sushant Sir. The recorded videos and notes provided by Finguru were a boon for my last few days preparation
  • Nitin Kansal
    Level 3 Candidate

    I started CFA program in 2013 & currently, I am at level 3. Having the CFA charter is a sign of competency, integrity & professionalism in the Investment/Financial field. CFA increases my knowledge base & high ethical standards and improve my marketability. It has added brand value to me & also increased weightage to my CV that will help in achieving new heights in professional career.

  • Sambhav Kochar
    CFA Level 3 Candidate Financial Analyst, MCube
    I cleared CFA Level 2 in June 2015, and currently I am enrolled for June 2016 Level 3 examination.
    CFA Program has enhanced my understanding of core financial concepts. The knowledge that I've gained helped me in enhancing my analytical skill set, and I feel more confident while talking about any concept of finance. Additionally, CFA Program gave me better understanding and a greater edge in the finance industry. 
    At present I am working at MCube Financial as a Financial Analyst. I can now relate easily to the day to day work at office with the concepts taught in the CFA program .
    I am really thankful to Sushant sir, for being a true mentor, and I really feel blessed having been taught by him.
  • Upender Chawla
    CFA Level 2 Candidate Process Champion, Investment Consulting - Mercer Consulting India I wrote the CFA level 1 exam in June 2014 and currently I am a CFA Level 2 candidate. The CFA program has helped me gain immense knowledge and understanding of Investment Finance. I am able to better relate to the practical world of finance and apply the concepts in my day to day professional life.

  • Sukriti Saxena
    CFA Level III Candidate Pursuing MS Finance
    Unlike many people my age, I had decided what I wanted to do in my life just as I chose to pick commerce in my Senior Secondary. Even though the core focus was on subjects like Math and Accounting, I knew this would help me reach my penultimate goal of doing B.COM (Hons.) from one of the best colleges in Delhi University (Sri Venkateswara College), and later enter into the field of my interest- FINANCE for which I enrolled myself in the CFA Program and cleared my level 1 on 27th January 2015 and my CFA level 2 on the 28th July 2015. To take my fundamental knowledge in finance and convert it into something that is practically applicable to every financial market anywhere in the world, I am pursuing Masters of Finance at The Australian National University which is ranked 25th in the World.
    PS. Thank you Sushant Sir for all your help and support. Clearing level 2 without your guidance would have been very difficult.
  • Ankit Bahl
    Level 2 Candidate Director- Business Development, Niche Real Estate Development Group

    I appeared for the CFA Level 1 June 2014 exam, currently a Level 2 candidate. The CFA program has given me a comprehensive insight of the board asset classes that define finance. My awareness towards reading and understanding financial news has improved. I have been able to learn and apply some these concepts in my project valuations and investment reports. The Level I curriculum acts a great starting point for anyone who is new to finance and would like to learn more. I am working as a Director- Business Development at a Niche Real Estate Development Group.

  • Lakshay Nangia
    CFA Level 3 Candidate Pursuing MBA, Great Lakes Institute I started CFA in year 2013 and I am currently at preparing for level 3 of the curriculum.

    CFA program has helped me build my knowledge in areas such as valuation, corporate finance, and derivatives. CFA curriculum is designed in a way where not only one becomes more adept in financial concepts but also skills such as time management, stress management etc. I think it’s very crucial to have a good level of understanding about the economy to get a job in finance domain. CFA has also helped me become more familiar with the day-to-day economic affairs around the world and has put in me in a place where I am more comfortable dealing with complicated areas of finance.
  • Prateek Batra
    CFA Level 3 Candidate Consultant (Finance & Valuations), Franchise India Holdings Limited I am currently a CFA Level 3 candidate and have cleared CFA Level 1 & 2 in first attempt in June 2014 and 2015 respectively. The course has actually helped having in depth knowledge in the area of finance with diverse exposure to financial markets. The journey wouldn't have been easy without Sushant Sir, who actually made me believe that I can clear the exam.
    I was working into a research profile at KPMG but the course has helped me having a job in the area I wanted to work i.e. valuations as course gives you practical exposure how things work in the industry and also clarity on the financial concepts.
    Currently I am working as "Consultant - Finance & Valuations" at Franchise India Holdings Limited.
  • Srijan Mishra
    Level 2 Candidate Team Leader, Quantitative Middle Office, Bank of America

    I took CFA Level-1 exam in this June. I am currently registered for CFA Level-2 examination to be held in June-2015. This course has helped me in gaining a lot of finance related knowledge. Also, earlier I was selected for a technology role at Bank of America and just clearing CFA L1 has helped me getting selected in the Quantitative Finance Middle office role in the same company. Team Leader, Quantitative Middle Office, Bank of America, Gurgaon

  • Ashish Bansal
    CFA Level 3 Candidate Visible Alpha, Research Associate

    I have given Level 2 exam in June 2017 and I cleared the same only because of you. Thank you for being a such a good mentor and your level of teaching specially in Fixed income is superb.

    CFA program enhances my skills in terms of data analysis and interpretation of financial statements with good understanding of concepts.

    Currently I am working at Visible Alpha as a Research Associate. Here I am working on Energy Sector.
  • Nikhil Khattar
    Level 2 Candidate Analyst – Business Valuations, Ernst & Young

    I gave my level one in June 2014 and am currently preparing for level 2 for June 2015

    I want to have a career in M&A. To accomplish that, I am working in Valuations right now. CFA provides a very in depth knowledge of the various valuation techniques and methods.

    Apart from that, I feel CFA has provided me with much more financial knowledge than my masters or bachelors degree. I feel so much more confident now talking to people about various topics in finance.

    I am currently working as an analyst in business valuations at EY

  • Kunal Aggarwal
    Cleared Level 1

    CFA Program adds a lot to our knowledge and also is a different experience altogether. This program in particular is a lot more technical than the other professional programs going on in the country like CA, CMA etc. It is different in the sense that it requires a lot of application and analysis of concepts rather than just mugging them up and throwing up in the exams.

  • Apurva Virmani
    Cleared Level 3, Awaiting Charter

    I took the CFA Level 1 Exam in December 2010, and cleared the Level 3 exam in June 2014.

    The CFA Program is a systematic, comprehensive and focused curriculum to understand the fundamentals of the world of finance and investing. Having studied the course has given me a thorough understanding of many concepts, and a lot of clarity in this field, which I felt otherwise lacking in the finance based courses I have previously done (I did my bachelors degree in finance, accounting and management). 

    Besides this, being able to persevere and complete the three levels after overcoming the world of distractions that many of us must face, I feel a renewed sense of confidence in my ability to achieve anything I set my eyes upon. It is said that the course and the exams are not easy. The only times I felt they were difficult was when I was not prepared and did not put in the hard work required.

  • Rani Kesari
    Cleared Level 3, Awaiting Charter Team Developer, BA Continumm India Pvt

    I have cleared CFA L3 exam. I am in process of applying for CFA charter now. CFA program given me understanding/ knowledge of finance helps in understanding particular business area and its applications, which provide me edge while performing job responsibilities. CFA program add analytical skills and financial competency, for practical application of finance in analyzing particular business and its prospects. I am current working as Team Developer, in role of research analyst in BA Continumm India Pvt Limited (A non-banking subsidiary of Bank of America)

  • Priyankshi Khandelwal
    Cleared CFA Level 3, Awaiting Charter Risk trainee at Royal Bank of Scotland

    Firstly thanks a lot for helping me getting through L-3.The way sessions were planned and executed was terrific. Also linkage of concepts to real life scenarios has helped a lot in better understanding of curriculum. And last but not the least my all doubts were answered till the end. Thanks a lot.

  • Prerna Rathi
    CFA Level 2 Candidate Research Associate - Private Equity - S&P Capital IQ Clearing the Level 1 exam and especially studying for the level 2 exam has made my knowledge of finance sector more robust. I understand the intricacies of Finance sector much better. Also, since I am currently part of the private equity team in office, I can very much relate and understand the content that the PE/VC firms display on their website like their investment portfolio comprising current/former investments, investment criteria, diligence process they undertake before investing in a particular portfolio company among others. Also, I can see my future in the private equity industry as I would be writing a few research papers on the same.
  • Nikita Dalmia
    CFA Level 3 Candidate Senior Analyst, EY CFA program has enhanced my financial skills to a different level. The curriculum is way in depth than a normal MBA course.

    If someone is looking for a career in finance would recommend him/her to pursue this course not only for better job perspective but also for substantial financial knowledge.
  • Ashna Dhuper
    CFA Level 3 Candidate Equity Research team at CIMB
    My interest has always been inclined towards finance and investments.CFA has enhanced and added value to my interest.This is the best course for the people having a strong inclination towards investment finance.The curriculum is amazing and a brilliant teacher is a cherry on the cake.
    Right now my focus is on identifying good midcap and small cap stocks and I have my own fund which I am managing.Next year,I am looking to formally start my business wherein I'll be encouraging youngsters to save and invest monthly.I am starting my own blog.Right now,my focus is to identify stocks,study the industry and fundamentals.

    I appeared for CFA level 2 in June 2015.The experience at finguru was wonderful.This institute is the best in India for the course.I truly recommend and I have recommended this institute to many more aspirants.Sushant Sir is very well-versed with all the topics and explains them very well.

    Looking forward to level 3 coaching at Finguru.
  • Oshin Sidana
    CFA Level 3 Candidate Unaware about the CFA program i randomly accompanied one of my friend to attend the CFA seminar during my college years. Even at that point of time i never thought this program to be my career shaper. 
    Graduated in Economics honours, i have studied Finance in my last year, though it included only basics about options, financial markets etc but enough to create my interest. So i enrolled for CFA program and appeared for level 1 in June 2015 and looking forward to appear for level 3 in June 2018. 

    With God's grace and with cooperation of Sushant Sir and Ankur Sir i was able to score 70 percent above in 9 subjects in level 2. Thank you for all the inspiration you have provided and enthusiasm that made every class enjoyable.
  • Rashmi Malhotra
    CFA Level 3, Candidate Process Developer in the Investment Consulting team with Mercer Consulting The CFA Program has been instrumental in enhancing my knowledge in Finance and has pushed me to get an even better understanding of various elements in the vast domain of Finance. All the learning that comes with this course and the conceptual clarity thereby has definitely given me an edge and I am sure it will continue to shape my career in the Finance industry going forward. Needless to mention, Finguru played a tremendous role in helping me clear these exams. Sushant is an adept mentor and has been a great help throughout. His way of teaching and guidance is priceless, and his motivating words also proved to be a big support. Also, the classes were interactive which helped with a good grasp of concepts. Hence, a big shout-out to Sushant for making this possible as I look forward to attending the Level III classes. Cheers!